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I love Jane Eyre! I rediscovered Allan Garner in an old box of books my Dad gave me from years ago. I read ‘The Weirdstone of Brisingamen’ at school (1960). There was an old battered copy in the box that I re-read a couple of weeks ago. Then found out he’d completed the third book in the trilogy in 2012. Slight gap! I bought the other two books in the trilogy ‘The Moon of Gomrath’ and ‘Boneland’, finishing an epic fantasy tale that I began 38 years ago! Boneland was an ending for grown-ups who read the first two as children. Very poetic and dream-like. I’ve always loved a good adventure, especially when there’s a bit of magic involved.

‘Treacle Walker’ is a good read, like reading a dream. He finished that one recently at the age of 87. There was an article in the Guardian about it a few weeks ago. He’s written non-fantasy too, which are on my bucket list.