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Hi CW, Garner’s love of the land really shone through a bit like Thomas Hardy’s does about Dorset – though less bleak. I’m a bit of a southerner myself but it makes me want to go there. No Google map needed as I have Alan Garners illustrations! It would be more fun trying to follow those although I may wait until the spring. Do you know if his map drawings are factually correct?
As for what you’re reading now, that’s an extraordinary title and makes me so intrigued I already want to read it. Is that another fantasy? That title reminds me of a non-fiction work by the famous psychologist Oliver Sacks, The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. Do you know it? An amazing collection of case studies and insight into the fascinating and usually sad medical conditions he came across in his long career. There was a film about him called Awakenings with Robert de Niro and Robin Williams.
Anyway, Garner is on my new reading list.