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Hello Pete
I didn’t understand at first but the penny finally dropped – ‘magic bullet’ – a phase often used by our politicians to mean an easy solution to a difficult problem. Except there usually isn’t. It’s an odd phrase and worthy of fictional treatment.
I was confused by the names in the beginning – they all have something to do with metal or metal process – but then caught on and liked the way you described the foundry where they work. I was wondering about the way they talked about the ‘humans’. Does that mean they were not human? More, components? The dialogue was nice and zippy although I wasn’t sure about some of the exclamations you used with metallic words. By the end, I came to recognise them as just metal-bots exclamations and not something to do with the plot.
It’s different and that’s a big plus because the reader is keen to learn more about this world and the character of Junk is a strong one. For me, the end needs more of a twist but then another reader might prefer the more subtle style.
I wonder if you have tried the right markets. There’s always a place for this kind of science fiction. There are a lot of websites that love niche fantasy. I used to have a link. If I find it, I’ll post it up here.