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Hi Helen,
Yes I love Garner’s description of the land. I’ve google mapped the area and the places definitely exist, just not so sure of the more obscure descriptions that google can’t show, such as the wide path into the woods and the wizard’s fountain! The Jonas Jonassen book is definitely not fantasy, with characters such as H. Truman, Stalin and Mao Tse Tung (don’t want to spoil it too much)! It’s cleverly written, very funny and completely bonkers! Lots of fun! I’ve seen the film ‘Awakenings’ which was very moving, but haven’t read Oliver Sacks. When I was younger (much younger!) and doing a Psychology degree, I read ‘The Jigsaw Man’ by Paul Britton, the Criminal Psychologist who worked on cases such as Jamie Bulger and Rachel Nickell. A fascinating, yet harrowing read. I could only manage a bit at a time and I don’t think I finished it. Not an easy read, but told with humanity and feeling. Glad you’ve enjoyed Allan Garner. I’ll look out for Oliver Sacks. I find my mood dictates what I read!