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Hi Helen,

I’m with you 100% on stories that raise the spirits. I get bogged down in the news and then need a break to recapture my soul. Apologies for your current spending on books. I think you might feel it’s worth it! I’m getting to the end of Jonas Jonassen and he’s written a sequel! No pressure! I haven’t read Paul Britton’s ‘Picking Up The Pieces’. Not sure I’m up for that at the moment, but I’ll bear it in mind.

I’ve always thought there should be a ‘good news’ channel. Something to let us know it’s not all doom and gloom (which I don’t believe). I work with quite a few people who constantly make me remember what’s important in the world (adults and children!). Maybe we should start a ‘good news’ thread? Or a ‘positive vibes’ story thread?

Hope you enjoy the book.