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Hi Helen,

After learning about your reading interests I was keen to see your writing. It definitely kept me interested and struck a nerve. I work with some autistic children and can see them in your writing. It may not be that obvious to people who aren’t familiar with the condition as they read. I’m a big fan of society changing to encompass a neurodiverse world, where everyone is valued, however their brain may work!

The literal way words are interpreted (e.g. ‘You’re Grandad’s gone. To a better place.’) is essential in understanding how a neurodiverse mind works. It’s also essential in ensuring we communicate meaningfully and well with neurodiverse individuals. Otherwise, what a confusing world to live in! You laugh on the other side of your face? You blew me away? What can those statements possible mean?

Well done for introducing us to the mind of another! At the risk of making you spend again, have you read ‘A Kind Of Spark’ by Elle McNicholl? A story written about an autistic girl who champions the plight of women condemned as witches, hundreds of years ago in the hometown in which she lives. Fascinating read!