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Hi Harry. As you kindly took the time to give me feedback I thought I’d return the favour. I liked that too. I’m intrigued about Edith’s past, she sounds quite a character. This is personal preference, but maybe spend a bit more time at the beginning fleshing out Edith so we are pulled in. She’s obviously feisty and not ready to pop off! What led her to be that character? Going to India at her age is a massive decision and not usually the realm of her demographic. Why? What’s happened in her life that makes her not want to give up? Where does her sense of adventure come from? I agree Eric could be dark, but maybe he was a safe bet for a while and she’s decided safe isn’t what she wants now. Maybe it was once. I love the fact that she just takes off, knowing he has friends that will support him. Being in India (actually, just going to the airport!) and not remembering things, could be hilarious! Which flight? Does she actually get to India? Who helps her? Why? Sorry, I’m getting carried away. I’d definitely like to know more about her. The beginnings of a heartwarming story methinks!