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    Great ideas there, but you can also try having a rummage in an old drawer. We all probably have a drawer where we chuck things that don’t seem to belong anywhere else. True? I know I do and every time I open it, I groan at the state of it and promise to tidy it one day. But I was looking in there a few months ago and I started to really look at the objects.
    There was a Swiss-army type knife, a shell, an antique ash-tray, a pair of sunglasses, some EUROS, a torch that straps on to your head, an empty ring box, a postcard from Morocco, a USB and a pack of cards. There you are. Off you go! Not sure if I can string them all together to make a story but certainly a few of the objects prompt ideas.
    How about this: A walker gets lost in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. When darkness falls, he uses his knife to create a shelter of branches from the sycamore trees but when his torch battery fails, it is the thought of marrying his fiancée that keeps his morale going. He remembers a game of cards they used to play in which players have to predict whether the next card is higher or lower. Just to keep his spirits up, he plays. Each time he makes a prediction, the next card is higher. It becomes more than a coincidence. As dawn breaks, he realises that he must go higher. When he does, he can see the road to lead him back to safety.
    Well, maybe not War and Peace but you get the idea…


    Not bad, but as I’m trying to write a blockbuster, I might try my wardrobe :))

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