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    It’s difficult to believe that there are draw-backs to being published, after all, it’s what most of us live for. It is independent validation of our work, gives us added pride in our work and encourages us to write more.

    However, although I am not by any means a prolific writer and have only had a few things published, one thing that always frustrates me is the possibility that no-one else will consider something once it’s ‘out there’.
    So many competitions and publications make it clear that the work you submit must be virginal and uncontaminated by any other publishing eyes. It’s annoying because, if it’s good enough, it should be possible to make it available in other outlets and share it to a wider audience.

    That’s why I’m always on the look out for outlets that accept previously published works. After the Pause is an experimental literary journal that accept reprints. Although they prefer new writing, it’s great that they’ve opened the door for us.

    Another literary mag is Neon. While it doesn’t explicitly say you can submit work that has been published elsewhere, there is nothing in the rules that says you can’t! And the rules rule, yes?
    Here are the links to these two:
    After the Pause:

    Submission Guidelines


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    I believe that Wattpad is another platform where you can post your work, though I am not sure whether that contradicts the original publisher’s contract. If I were you, I would focus on promoting the book, having excerpts placed in newspapers and magazines, rather than attempting to publish it on other platforms.
    There is an Amazon book competition for published books, though I think that only regards that published on the website.
    Did you publish on Amazon?


    Hi, thanks for that tip. I have just checked out Wattpad and it looks great. What’s been your experience of it? Has it given your work more exposure?
    I have tried to avoid Amazon. I know others who have spent a lot of time – many, many hours – jumping through all the Amazon hoops to get their writing out there and in the end feel that they don’t have control of their own work anymore. They have compromised it to get it on a major platform and wind up with a few pennies to show for all their efforts. It seems to me that it serves Amazon better than it does the writer.


    Wattpad looks impressive but I tried to register on my Google account and it wouldn’t let me so I tried on my other outlook account and it wouldn’t accept my usernames because they were ‘already in use’. In the end, I just gave up.

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