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    Hi guys, not sure im brave enough for feedback yet but this seemed the best place to say hi. My name is Matt and I’ve recently started writing, I have tentatively submitted a few flash fiction stories but really enjoying how the creative process helps take me away from my day job (A nurse). WOuld love to learn more about you guys and why you write, what you write, what authors inspired you? I love character driven plots, stuff like Sally Rooney, Jessie Cave, Meg Mason are my recent reads this year (in this genre atleast). I like the way they describe characters thoughts and feelings that I can relate to. I have become frustrated with so many authors writing stories from a bougie middle/upper class point of view where everyone has money and great jobs. I want to add to the working class produced literature for want of a better description. Anyway would be great to get to know you guys :)


    Hi Matt, welcome to the message board. It gets quiet on here sometimes so it’s good to see new blood. I always follow a tip so as I am not familiar with the authors you mention, I’ll give them a go and give you some feedback on what I think. Just to narrow down the field a bit, are there any particular books you would recommend?
    Talking of feedback, this is a good place for writers to post up samples of their work for people to comment on. The comments are always constructive and is a great way to test the water.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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