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    Congratulations to the winners of our Spring season competitions who are published today on our Winning Entries pages. It was another bumper intake and the Short Fiction and Poetry categories were particularly competitive.

    We had entries from across the world with new insights on personal and global events. Just as Covid-19 provided a subject matter for many entries in previous seasons, a number of writers turned their attention to the war in Ukraine for this season. Such is the raw, contemporary nature of this tragedy that is unfolding before us in the media every day, we feel it is an unsuitable subject for our writing competitions. When time has passed and a period of reflection can take place, maybe a writer who has experienced the conflict first-hand will be able to properly evaluate its impact for them personally and for us as human beings.

    We now look forward to our next anthology which we hope to publish by the end of this month.

    And keep those entries for our Summer competition coming!


    Our third anthology is published today on Amazon and I hope you can take some time to read it. If you want a good summer read – maybe something to take on holiday or down the local park or beach – it’s ideal. I say good rather than ‘easy’. There are some easy stories in there but others, including poetry that you need to give your full attention to. That concentration will pay you delightful dividends in your mind and heart. As for anyone thinking of entering a competition – currently the summer intake is open until the end of August – Show Me Where It Hurts provides the ideal ‘homework’ for pitching your own entry. If you can’t afford the paperback, the e-book again costs under a pound.
    As always, anything you can do to spread the word online or otherwise goes a long way to making this enterprise a success.
    Thank you for your support.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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