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    I like Ian McEwan but feel his earlier work was much better than his more popular output of the last twenty years or so. First Love, Last Rites dealt with some disturbing themes and The Comfort of Strangers built its plot in an increasingly menacing way. His later works don’t contain the same edginess for me and his token ‘funny’ book Solar was embarrassingly corny.


    Have to disagree with you here, Jim. I find McEwan’s prose and insights into human frailties gets better with every book although I must admit Solar made uncomfortable reading for all the wrong reasons. Comedy (if that’s what it was) is definitely not his forte. It reminded me a bit of another of my favorite writers – Kasuo Ishiguro – and his foray into the other comedy with The Unconsoled. A very misguided project!


    Really, K-K?! I thought The Unconsoled was brilliant! It’s difficult to follow because it’s supposed to be in dream form and so follows dream-logic, which isn’t logical at all. That’s what I found so clever about the narrative – it jumps around just like dreams do. I think there is an underlying coherence but it’s very subtle. I know a lot of Ishiguro fans didn’t like it but he is trying to push himself into new creative areas which are bound to be controversial.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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