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    A concise, comprehensive account of the patient’s needs, feelings, and current health status is included in the nursing notes. Make sure that everyone who needs to know about a patient’s care can quickly and readily access the information once you’ve put it all together.
    Nursing assignment writers research some these samples of excellent nurses’ notes:
    • “The patient was breathing heavily and was blue when I entered the room.” I initiated CPR and called a Code Blue. The Code crew then showed up. Lung sounds are audible during bilateral auscultation. Pink in colour. No respiratory distress symptoms were observed. VSS. 90% of the patient’s meals are consumed, and he is doing well. This shift, no emesis or distention of the abdomen. Patient moving around comfortably. spontaneously ejaculating. This shift will not have BM. The patient’s weight didn’t change. Today, the spouse went to see the patient. Four bed rails up. There are no risks in the room. Keep a call light handy.

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