Deep, deep, deep down in my heart,

An unexplainable pain, an unreachable part.

Seems like a cage with a keyless lock,

Which then forced me to be as hard as a rock.


‘Cause what would you expect? What would I do?

When I let myself have fun, what did you do?

Yes, you grieve in my sorrow and I cling onto you,

But during my joy, I couldn’t find you.


You kept telling me this, teaching me that,

Wanting me to comply with a removed hat.

Did you even ask me what’s my side of the story?

Was the value of my voice ever reached your worry?


The love I’m dreaming, I thought you can’t give,

But reality’s different than what I conceive.

You became what I thought you can’t be.

Unfortunately, just not with me.


Weep, weep, weep out all my heart.

What should I do? Where should I start?

I’ve worked hard, contradicting all lies,

Yet no matter what I do, nothing will suffice.


Now here I am, losing my hope.

Can’t find a way on how to cope.

Sliding constantly on a plain slope.

Should I just hang on on that waiting rope?


Does anyone can even hear my cry,

Though I can’t voice it out, even through a sigh?

Even in a mountain, I might just be a stiff.

If I can’t shout it out, should I just jump off the cliff?


I kept thinking, I kept dreaming,

Soon my life would stop crushing,

Or maybe, I am just hallucinating.

Can an overdose stop my overthinking?


“Keep, keep, keep this in your heart,”

That’s the truth talking out my lies, “You’re still a work of art.

Don’t let the pain cut through your wrist.

Yet, let all the gain conquer your list.”