Or perhaps oblivion – Is that the case?
My hollowed bottle, your wilted trace

and Summer begins, marked by the embers
Of the Sunday sun, eaten by December’s
Teeth – who licks the sky, in a purple parade
An ephemeral beauty, a temporary shade

The clouds drip down, June’s ashes fly away
I vacate my mind, I choose not to stay

And my remedial drink, slams shut the door
To the chance of those memories, washing ashore
Ah! This terrestrial body is beginning to concede
I sit on our mountain, I leak, I bleed

And I wonder
Do you think of that night? From way back, from before?
Our rain soaked hair – car crash splendour
I lied for you, I deceived the man
I’d do it once more, and time (and time) again

Am I the fool? Was it you? Was it me?
Your wrought iron heart, guarded too carefully
And so I accept what I cannot save,
What I cannot hold, what I cannot brave

And yet
When the stars explode into the vacuous chasm
The moon stolen; the sun vanished
When chaos ensues and fires rage
Eating our homes, the trees, these plains

Fire and ice collide in hell
And us, shades of nothing in asphodel
Dante’s inferno / Hades flame
It’s you I’ll turn to, it’s you I’ll blame

Because that’s what this is,
That’s what it’s been
The age of eighteen

I’d welcome the apocalypse over this lack
I’d welcome Ragnarök – you’d might come back
If doomsday descends, perhaps you’d scan
For my eyes in the crowds, my heart in your hands

I would rather oblivion, because missing you is
the end of the world, the end of what is.