Although the sea is pulled by lunar reins, 

Its servile ebbs conceal the subtle strides 

Of a fateful force, once nature’s patience wanes, 

That tests its tether with unruly tides. 


Where frozen hills are stoked by metal fumes,

It brings a rhythmic ruse of turbulent grace,

As thriving swirls are topped by sprightly spumes

That lead a charge, when growing flows retrace. 


And while humanity ignores the signs

Of ominous plights, as billows belch and roar,

A steep caress erodes the coastal lines 

And razes borders, like a siege of war.


Uprisings of tsunamis stirs the straits 

Once swells attain the sways of ancient scales 

And wayward spans cascade at mankind’s gates 

Where a ceaseless song of simmered spite prevails. 


When swept-up crowds are pleading for an ark 

And lands are swallowed by the famished surge, 

The moonlit sanctuaries turn to dark 

To undulate the chains of Gaia’s purge.